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The manor in the village of Tsinandali is an ancestral estate, a palace of the princely family of Chavchavadze. There are many amazing, beautiful and tragic events in the history of Georgia are connected with this family.

The history of the Chavchavadze family and their ancestral estate is closely tied with the history of Georgia. Today there is a museum in Tsinandali, visited by tourists from all over the world. The interior of the 19h century has almost been fully restored, though the palace today only has 7 rooms of the original 20.

The museum has the working desk of Alexander Chavchavadze, the first grand piano, and personal things and books. There are regular art exhibitions held in the museum, and the basement of the palace hosts Kakhetian wine tasting ceremonies.

Location: Village Tsinandali

Opening hours: Everyday, 10.00- 18.00


The museum complex includes: the palace of the King of Kakheti XVII-XVIII centuries, the churches of the King’s Gate X-XVIII centuries, the remains of the philosophical-theological school founded by Erekle, the King’s bath – XVII century, the tunnel in the palace – XVIII century. , Unique gates on the east and west sides. New modern standards building opened in 2018 .

The museum also preserves: Numismatic material, pre-feudal sarcophagus, late medieval armor, 17th-19th century copper household items, ammunition, Khevsurian garment collections.

Location: Telavi city

Opening hours: Everyday, except Monday, 10.00- 18.00


Sighnaghi museum was founded in 1947, the ethnographic collection features five thousand artifacts, including textiles, copper and wooden domestic items, agricultural instruments, materials corresponding to viniculture, goldsmith works, different types of working instruments, and musical instruments.

Location: Sighnaghi

Opening hours: Everyday, except Monday, 10.00- 17.00


Gremi – the Georgian Orthodox Cathedral is located in Kakheti, in Kvareli municipality village, in the citadel of the east of Gremi, on a high hill. It was built by the King of Kakheti, Levan in 1565. The paintings were finished in 1577.

There are 2 056 exhibits in the museum. Some of the items found in Gremi are kept in the National Museum of Georgia. Museum-Reserve also represents a series of paintings- portraits of kings.

Location: Kvareli Municipality, Village Gremi

Opening hours: Everyday, except Monday, 10.00- 17.00